Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sitting in the living room

I'm sitting in the living room thinking about tomarrow. Tomarrow is Monday, it's also the first day of my second week of classes. Tomarrow is a lot of different things. Why do we hate Mondays so much? It's the start of a new week, its a new day, but best of all I get rid of my parents for the majority of time that I spend at home Monday through Friday. I love Mondays. I used to hate Mondays, but now I love them. I guess you change you mind over time. That's what I did.

I can't study right now. I'm not in the right mind set. So I'm writing this instead. Is this normal? I sure hope it is. If it isn't that's okay. I have an idea for a video I want to make for youtube, but I really can't sing. I really need to be able to sing to pull of that video. In the mean time I have a few ideas for a possible video that I am going to attempt to make tomarrow.

I've been thinking a lot about pshych latley since I am currently taking a pysch class. I really have enjoyed psych a lot this semester, and I really don't know why. I just have enjoyed it so much more than I did when I took it my senior year of high school. Well I've got to go set the table for dinner.

Love ya all!

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