Friday, January 18, 2008

Wicked Trailer

That was something I made about two days ago during a quiet moment. I love the quiet moments around here when no one is making any nosie, and nobody is getting in anybody elses way. I don't get these moments too often. I somehow managed to find one on Wensday. Hopefully I will find a few more of these quiet moments during which to blog and make more videos for youtube.

The quiet moments around here are the moments when I really am able to hear myself think and have some of my best ideas. Over the next two days, while everyone is home (its the weekend.) I won't blog, and I wont make videos until everyone is in bed except me. But even that is unlikley. I am SO much more likley to be sitting in my room watching a movie. Or doing homework. Or writing a little.

It's going to be a long weekend with the family that doesn't know when to get off of my case. Hopefully they stay away so I can concentrate on my school work this weekend. They aren't a bad family, they just get on my nerves more often than they help me. For example, my brother will burst in on me and start asking questions about this that and the other thing. As soo as he leaves, my mom or dad will enter and start asking me questions. Maybe this weekend they will back off a little.

Love ya all!

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