Friday, January 11, 2008

1/11/08 part two

Okay, I am back to write my second blog for the day. I think this blogging thing has actually grown on me. I am also back at my neighbors house with the cat again since this seems to be the only place I can get a little quiet when someone is at home (my dad got a snow day today- he's a teacher.).

I wanted to do anouther quick thing about "Complete Peace". Okay maybe that will have to wait a moment- the phone just rang. Well that was some automated message for Rommney (did I spell that right??). Midland may be republican, but I am one of the few democrats here. Back to what I was going to blog about this time around. Today I'll focus on Jennifer.

When I first had the idea for the screenplay, I didn't really know who Jennifer was. She was just this "kid" who really wanted to be accepted, who didn't know who she was, and wanted to be loved SOOO badley. Over the summer I was working full time (trust me-this has to do with what I'm talking about here!). I may have been working full time, but I also was watching people. As I would watch various visitors to the gardens interact, Jennifer would talk to me. No I'm not crazy. Jennifer just was right there next to me. She wanted to tell me her story, so I listened to her. Every day I heard a little peice of her story while I was at work. That little peice would come out because of something I saw. It is almost like I am Jennifer's body, eyes, and ears, and Jennifer's brain is in my brain. Thats the best way I can find to say it, but even that doesn't sound quite right. One day while I was watering with a hose (yay for watering by hand!!), the water mysteriously stopped running. It made no sense to me. So I started walking along the hose to see if there was a leak somewhere or if it had been disconected. I got to where I had hooked the hose up, and some little kid had discovered how to turn the water off. I never expected that to happen! I couldn't help but laugh. This young girl was curious. She wanted to understand what that funny thing sticking out of the grass did. The girl I just told you about was exactly what I imagined when I saw Jennifer as a young girl, and also was a lot like what one of Jennifer's daughters was like as a child.

As I developed the story line even more, Jennifer began hinting at getting married. I knew this could get a little sticky. Jennifer had never indicated if she was straight, bi, or gay. So I wasnt quite sure where she was going with this part of her story. After a while, I began to realize that Jennifer hadn't ever mentioned this before because she knew that I would understand where she was coming from. I'll just say that there was a defining moment during her years in college that changed the way she saw her sexuality. Jennifer is bi-sexual, and so am I. YES I AM BI-SEXUAL. Let's just say that I had a very defining moment during my first year of college. Nothing bad happened that day, I just discovered that I am bi-sexual in I way that I never thought would happen. Jennifer and I both share a very strong connection because of the fact that we had similar experiences when we really realized that we are both bi.

Enough of that for now. On to other things. I am so glad that it is Friday, but I also am not looking forward to having parents and brother home this weekend since they always seem to eaither get on my case about something that I have already done or just bug me until I go crazy. Maybe this next week will be a little more normal. This week my dad has had two snow/fog days and one two hour delay, which in turn has ment that I have had to put up with him at home more than usual. It is hard to study when you have your dad talking at you about this that and the other thing that needs to be done that there is no way that he can do despite the fact that he has had two full days off and one two hour delay. Whats up with that? (Yes I know I just wrote a run on just a moment ago. Who cares? This isn't class and this is definatly not something that is going to be in print anytime soon.)

I have no idea how I have written such a long blog. How does one do that without realizing it? Go figure.

Hopefully everyone has a good weekend. Hopefully my parents a brother stay out of my hair this weekend. I'll probobly be back tomarrow to write again.

Love ya all!

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