Friday, January 11, 2008

"Complete Peace" part three

Here's my third blog of the day. Now I am sitting at home in the kitchen on my laptop. I thought that I would share a little more about one of the characters. I am still going to focus on Jennifer (again). There is so much I haven't shared about her yet, and there are bits and peices that I will NEVER share from her. Here we go!

Jennifer has been very small since she was born. She was born five days late, but was still only five pounds six ounces. When she reached her full height, she was only four foot eleven inches. A lot of people never believed that Jennifer could do what she did when she grew up. No one every belived that Jennifer could become a singer. No one really knew what to expect when they heard that Jennifer had recorded the album with her mom. One of Jennifer's dreams as a child was to become a musician. Jennifer hated it whenever her adoptive parents told her that she would never become a musician. That is where I will end this section about Jennifer.

I finished the first draft of "Complete Peace" in Mid-November. Since then I have been editing and revising it for publishing. I have cut out several scenes and re-written a couple of more. Some of the deleted scenes will be posted here at a later date. Quite a few of these deleted scenes didn't really fit. They were about the characters in "Complete Peace", but the scenes that were deleted because they really didn't help to move the plot along. I hope you all enjoy those when I post them this next week sometime. I can't wait to see how to things work out with the publishing. It also has been interusting to see how all of the characters have developed over the past ten months.

The end result that I am aiming for is being published. I know that getting published is still a long way off.

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