Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 in review

Okay. I'm gonna be good at writing blog(s) and reqularly. I'm not just gonna just stop writing for no reason. I got to thinking about the past year. I haven't been very good about writing blogs in the past. This year I AM going to write at least one blog every week if not more often. Most of my blogs will be posted on a Wensday, Friday, Saturday, or a Sunday because I have those days off this semester. On to what I really wanted to write about.

2007 in review:
This past year has been amazing! During the Winter 2007 semester I met one of my friends from College. Pat was my Anatomy and Physiology teacher during the Winter 2007 semester. She was very open with us about the fact that she is gay. I still see her around school from time to time. My Comp 1 teacher gave me so much encouragement with my writing. Thanks to her I became a much better writter than I used to ever be.
Starting in Mid-March and ending in April, I was working 37 hours over a period of two weeks at Dow Gardens. During that time Dow Gardens always has their butterflies in bloom festival. This meant quite a few hours at work door guarding so that the butterflies couldn't escape the conservatory. The hours you spend door guarding (if you ever get the amazing chance to do this, take it!) will definatly test your patients with visitors who won't listen to what you told them at least two times.
On May First, I started my first full time summer job. I was working at Dow Gardens 40 hours a week. My first day of actual work (after the training was all done!) was a Monday. I was on Chuck's crew. Chuck is a horticulturist at Dow Gardens. He had me pruning the rosebushes, then getting rid of all the leaves in the rose beds, and fertilizing the roses. I get badley sunburn that day because the Rose Garden has no shade at all. That day when I got home by brother got a good laugh at how red I was. Apparently I looked like a lobster I was so red. I was so glad for ice that day! Due to the fact I had to wear pants everyday at work over the summer I only shaved my legs once the whole summer.
The Friday before the fourth of July, my parents and brother left to go to Wisconsin to visit my dad's parents. They went to my mom's parents place on Monday July 2nd. I had to stay home because I was working that Friday June 30 (I think thats the date), and Monday July 2nd. But I did have July 3rd through the 8th off from work for the family reunion.
About a week before the fourth of July, a good friend of mine died at age 59 of stomach cancer. Sunday July 1rst was her funeral. On Tuesday July 3rd I made my way to Wisconsin on my own for the Grist Family Reunion. I was taking the 8AM ferry across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. I got up at 3AM, and drove two hours and fifteen minutes to ludington. They don't start loading the boat until 8am, but that was okay. I set my alarm on my watch for 6:45 and took a nap in the car. I sat on the ferry from 7AM until about 11:55AM when I started making my way off of the ferry in Wisconsin. My dad was running a little late with a surprise for me in Wisconsin. He had brought his parents with him so that they could eat lunch with me. That was such a good surprise to see them at the ferry! After lunch at Dairy Queen we dropped my dad's parents off at their car and drove about half an hour to my mom's parents place. Not everyone was there yet. I was so glad to finally be able to get up and move after sitting most of the time between 5AM and 2PM (Michigan Time). Going for that first swim in the lake felt SOOO good! This past fall I went back to Delta for anouther semester of classes.

Yep. That's what my past year looked like for the most part.

Here's something that I started doing this past year, and have coninued through the new year. This past May I began to write a screenplay. Very few people have gotten the chance to read it. Most people know I am writing it, but I haven't let them read it yet. I am still working on writing. It's about 95 pages long right now. I am currently still writing a few more scenes for it. I'm almost done with these new scenes and the editing. I am hoping to finish it and get it published in the next two years. My biggest problem right now is coming up with a good title for it.

I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me and everybody else!

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